Ethiopia: Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Keeping One’s Land  

=============================================================== In memory of Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident, human rights advocate, co-author of Charter ’08,  Nobel peace laureate (2010) and political prisoner who died in Chinese government custody on July 13, 2013. An enemy mentality will poison the spirit of a nation and inflame brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity,

Ethiopia: The T-TPLF Trojan Horse of the Apocalypse Riding in Oromiya

Author’s Note: The ruling Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) in Ethiopia is said to be on the verge of passing a “law” protecting “Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa” and “giving Oromia extensive rights in the capital city” (hereinafter the T-TPLF Masters’ Addis Ababa Plan B). It is a trial balloon “leaked

The Zero-Sum Negotiation Games of the T-TPLF in Ethiopia

Author’s Note: This July 4th, I “celebrate” my eleventh year of writing uninterrupted weekly Monday commentaries. On July 4, 2006, I formally and publicly declared my engagement in human rights advocacy, particularly Ethiopian human rights advocacy.  Tempus fugit (time flies)! In a 7,860-word “manifesto” entitled, “Awakening Giant”, I explained why I decided to get involved in

The Cruel Political Jokes of the T-TPLF in Ethiopia

“No Political Prisoners in Ethiopia” and “Negotiating With the Opposition” The Voice of America (Amharic) last week reported “16 Ethiopian opposition political parties agreed to discuss the anti-terrorism and other proclamations and 13 other agenda points including communications, press and charities and civic organizations” with the ruling regime in Ethiopia. However, the Thugtatorship of the

Pariah State?: Travel Warnings in the Land of 13-Months of Sunshine (Ethiopia)

U.S and U.K. issue warning to their citizens planning travel in  Ethiopia Time was tourists flocked to Ethiopia in search of the “Land of 13-Months of Sunshine” and adventure. Ziggy Marley, son of the late great reggae king Bob Marley, even wrote a song about it: 13 Months of Sunshine/Is what we got/Take us to,

Ethiopia: Collective Punishment by Internet Clampdown

Last week, for the third time in the past year, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) unplugged the internet. The reasons are a bit fuzzy. Some T-TPLF officials say the shutdown aims to prevent “student cheating on national exams”.  During a similar clampdown last year, T-TPLF spokesman said the internet was unplugged

Al Mariam’s Voice of America Interview (Amharic) on James Comey Hearing, June 8, 2017


Al Mariam’s Voice of America Interview (Amharic) on Global Peace Index, June 7, 2017

Al Mariam’s Voice of America Interview (Amharic) on Global Peace Index, June 7, 2017  

Indexing Ethiopia

Author’s Note: Last week, Vision of Humanity issued its 2017 Global Peace Index (GPI).  Its report on Ethiopia is certainly the most distressing though unequivocal, straightforward and clear-cut. The state of peace worsened in Ethiopia more than any other country in sub-Saharan Africa, and arguably the rest of the world. For someone who is completing

Ethiopia at tipping point as Congress mulls human rights bill

This op-ed piece first appeared in The Hill on May 29, 2017 07:00. It was posted on on July 16, 2017. BY AL MARIAM, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR – 05/29/17 07:00 PM EDT Ethiopia has been under a state of emergency decree since October 2016. That decree imposes “draconian restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and assembly that go far