What Do WE Want and Do NOW (that we are under T-TPLF Reign of Terror)? (Part 2)

These perpetual little panics of the French – which all arise from fear of the moment when they will really have to learn the truth – give one a much better idea of the Reign of Terror. We think of this as the reign of people who inspire terror; on the contrary, it is the

Ethiopia: What Do We Do Now? (Part I)

THEY know what they want, and do NOW!  The T-TPLF has declared a “state of emergency” and unleashed a reign of terror on Ethiopia. But what do they want, and do now? What the T-TPLF wants to do NOW is use every trick in the book to remain in power for another 25 years and

Donald (“The Octopus”) Trump: Sexual-Predator (Groper) -in-Chief?

“Lock him up! Register the predator in the sex offender registry!” Trump admitted he is a “sexual predator” on the Howard Stern Show in 2006. Howard Stern:    Donald. Seriously. You know about sexual predators and things like that. Robin Quivers (co-host Howard Stern Show):    You are one! (Laughter.) Trump:    It’s true. (Nodding

Ethiopia: State of Emergency or T-TPLF S.O.S. (Save Our Souls/Ship) Emergency?

The jig is up for the T-TPLF! Game over! Did the T-TPLF just pull off a publicity stunt by declaring a “state of emergency”? Or was it a big distress signal the T-TPLF sent out, “Save Our Souls/Save Our Ship”? I enjoy  T-TPLF scams, disinformation, hypes and con games. I really do. I even grudgingly

Ethiopia: Cry! Cry Freedom the Beloved Country!

I cry for the hundreds of victims of the October 2, 2016 Irreecha Festival Massacres in Ethiopia. I also cry out for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. On October 2, 2016,  troops loyal to the Tigrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (T-TPLF) opened fire indiscriminately on crowds attending one of the most important cultural and

T-TPLF’s Killing Fields in Ethiopia: Massacre by Stampede at the Irreecha Festival!

Author’s Note: On October 2, 2016,  troops loyal to the Tigrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (T-TPLF) opened fire indiscriminately on crowds attending one of the most important cultural and spiritual events in Ethiopia, the Irreecha (Thanksgiving) Festival  in the town of Bishoftu, some 45 miles southeast of the capital Addis Ababa. An estimated 500 plus people

Ethiopia: The T-TPLF’s War on American NGOs

Another T-TPLF disinformation campaign: This time against American NGOs Over the past three weeks, I have been writing about the T-TPLF’s sneaky and crude disinformation campaigns of mass distraction to discredit the current massive uprising against its oppressive rule in Ethiopia. This week I address the T-TPLF’s disinformation campaign that American NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are

Disinformation in T-TPLF Land of Living Lies: Pinocchio Preaches Truth Against Perception in Ethiopia?

Author’s Note: This is the third successive commentary I have written on the intensifying T-TPLF disinformation campaign in Ethiopia. On September 5, I  announced that the T-TPLF would soon roll out a massive disinformation campaign to discredit the widespread popular uprising against its oppressive rule in Ethiopia. On September 18, I wrote a second commentary

The Truth About T-TPLF  Genocide Lies and Disinformation in Ethiopia

Author’s Note: I have written this commentary for several reasons. First, in my September 5, 2016 commentary, I announced that the T-TPLF will soon roll out a major disinformation campaign to discredit the massive popular uprising in the country and re-write the true story of valor and courage by the Ethiopian people with systematic lies

Trumputin, the Manchurian Candidate?

A couple of days ago President Barack Obama slammed Donald “Only-I-Can-Fix-It” Trump for showing up on Russian state-owned network and dissing America’s “dishonest” media. Obama rhetorically wondered out loud: “Think about the fact that [Putin] is Donald Trump’s role model. I have to do business with Putin, I have to do business with Russia, that’s