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Chinese Investments in Africa: “Chopsticks Mercantilism”

Guest Commentary: George B N Ayittey In the early parts of the 21st century, China became an important source of finance for African development. The continent’s infrastructure was in disrepair; it had crumpled after decades of abject neglect and destruction from senseless civil wars. A substantial investment was – and still – needed to rebuild

Ethiopia & Eritrea: What will it take to break the deadlock?

Guest Commentary: Martin Plaut The stalemate along the Ethiopian-Eritrean border benefits almost no-one. Two armies stare at each other across the 1,000 kilometre border – as they have done since June 2000, when the fighting ended. Every so often there is a flare-up. An Eritrean border guard will fire at a refugee attempting to cross

Despite Trump: What is and What isn’t—Charlottesville to Boston

Guest Commentary: August Nimtz  Watching the images from Boston on August 19, and reading the reports I couldn’t help but think about how much has changed in the U.S. despite Trump.  In April 1976, a major battle took place there when racist gangs sought to obstruct court-ordered school busing, groups that were far larger in