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Remembering the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa

South Africa, 1960 On March 21, 1960, exactly 55 years ago today, a crowd estimated at five thousand (according to apartheid police 20 thousand, inflated to justify their extreme response) gathered in front of a police station in the South African township of Sharpeville in Transvaal (presently Gauteng, one of the nine provinces of South

The Poison of Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia’s Body Politic

 The Thugtatorship of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation (T-TPLF) adopted its fabricated constitution for Ethiopia on December 8, 1994. The Preamble to that constitution declares, “We the Nations, Nationalities and People of Ethiopia…” have written the constitution to 1) “secure the right to self-determination” for “people of the nations and nationalities”, 2) ensure the territorial insularity (separateness) of

Bibi Came, Bibi Saw, Bibi Brought Nothing to the Table!

On March 3, 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netenyahu addressed a joint session of the United States Congress to deliver  his diktat: Pass a law to prevent President Obama from negotiating with Iran because any U.S. agreement with Iran is not worth the paper it is written on. “We’re better off without it,” exhorted Netenyahu. It was

A Magna Carta for Ethiopia?

I am celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta Libertatum or the Great Charter of English Liberties. Whoa! Hold it! I understand your question! Why is a guy born in Africa (Ethiopia) now living in America  celebrating  a document written by a bunch of disgruntled and rebellious English barons quarrelling with a feudal monarch over taxes and

Young Ethiopian Musicians Rising!

Young Diaspora Ethiopian musicians are rising fast and gaining attention on the international scene. They sing in English, but some include Amharic songs in their repertoire. Their lyrics are serious and spotlight social conditions. Their melodies are a fusion of Ethiopian, rock and jazz beats. They attract audiences across cultural lines. Their music has universal

Bye, Bye Karuturistan, Ethiopia!

  It was too good to be true. It is too bad it was true for the people of Gambella in western Ethiopia. Last month, the ignoble demise of Karuturi  Global, Ltd.  (a/k/a “Ethiopian Meadows Plc.”, “Gambella Green Valley Plc (Ethiopia)”,  “Karuturi Agro Products Plc (Ethiopia)) in Ethiopia was announced  quietly and without fanfare. Karuturi,

Ethiopia’s Perfekt Elektion? Much Ado About Nothing!

Who knows about Ethiopia’s perfekt elektion in May 2015?     It is the middle of February 2015 as I write this commentary. But I always remember in November. I see some of my Ethiopian friends carrying long forlorn melancholy faces.  A few lines from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” flash in my mind: Why,

Ethiopia’s “Odious Debt” to the Odious World Bank

In my last commentary, The World Bank and Ethiopia’s “Growth and Transformation”, I cryptically observed in passing, “… The USD$600 million is money the World Bank loaned to the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (T-TPLF)  in the name of the People of Ethiopia. Future generations of Ethiopians will be asked to pay it back.

The World Bank and Ethiopia’s “Growth and Transformation”

The World Bank lies, Ethiopia dies… from onerous “odious debt” I had completely forgotten about the so-called “Growth and Transformation Plan” (GTP) of 2010, until the World Bank reminded me of it last week. by Alemayehu G. Mariam That “Plan” was the late Meles Zenawi’s  gimmick  about having an economic plan for Ethiopia.  “Ethiopian economic growth

World Bank-ruptcy in Ethiopia

The moral bankruptcy of the World Bank in Ethiopia Ethiopians have been the object of a cruel bureaucratic joke by the World Bank. Last week, an official investigative report surfaced on line showing World Bank bureaucrats in Ethiopia have been playing  “Deception Games” of displacement, deracination, forced resettlement and a kinder and gentler form of ethnic cleansing  in the Gambella region of Western Ethiopia.